Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th July 2015








Rain stops play at Bexhill Motofest

Torrential rain, gale force winds and plunging temperatures – not what you normally expect for a mid-July weekend in East Sussex. But unfortunately that’s what we got at the Bexhill Motofest last weekend, 26 July.


Only in its second year, the Bexhill Motofest has already earned a reputation as the most prestigious free-to-attend biking event on the south coast. Last year, more than 10,000 visitors flocked to the show, enticed by its winning combination of bikes, beach and good old family fun. In fact, the town has a long association with motorsport, being the venue for the UK’s first motor race way back in 1902.


Visitors this year were hoping to see something a little more up to date, but no less entertaining. And despite the worst that British summer could throw at them, the show did go on.


Numbers were inevitably down substantially, but those that did brave the storm appreciated the efforts and determination of the organisers to salvage as much as possible from the rain sodden entertainment schedule.

Mini-moto sets the pace at Bexhill Motofest 2015

The highlight was the kid’s mini-moto racing down in the seafront car park. It was going to take more than a mid-summer storm to stop these guys from burning some rubber.


A reduced but still awesome Harley Cavalcade strutted their stuff through the town as promised – always an impressive sight – and the live bands tried valiantly to make themselves heard above the wind and rain. The first band up, Everyday Phoenix, managed to get through the whole of their set, much to the delight of the audience, while the second act, Hannah Bradbeer, was forced to stop half way through as the wet weather rapidly turned the stage and sound equipment into a health and safety nightmare.

Carole Nash at the Bexhill Motofest 2015

The Carole Nash team never gave up though! Handing out our sought-after goodie bag, providing on the spot quotes and tempting punters with our free prize draw to win £250 off bike insurance.


By midday, though, as the weather continued to howl and even the ducks began to look like they’d had enough of the wet, the event organisers took the brave decision to quit while ahead, and the event wound down to an early close.


Not quite the sun-drenched spectacular that everyone was hoping for, but the Motofest is sure to be back with a bang next year to remind people what Bexhill is all about.