Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th December 2017

Best Christmas Motorcycle Events 2017

When you’ve had all the turkey you can cope with, the disappointing new slippers are already bedded in, and even the dog is fed up of eating Christmas scraps, it’s time to get out and watch some red-blooded motorcycle racing.


Here’s some Christmas biking events guaranteed to lift your Christmas spirit, and get your sanity back. Or, at least get you out of the house away from the in-laws for a few hours.


Tuesday December 26th

Plum Pudding Race, Mallory Park, Leicestershire

I’ve entered this race a very long time ago and it was hilarious. It also ended up with me ramming Santa Claus, and falling off at the Esses, but that’s a different story.

This is perhaps the UK’s only event that sees motorcycles, and cars at the same meeting, but it’s guaranteed to be a good day out. A Christmas club race if you like. Lots of riders get in to the Christmas spirit and dress up over the top of their leathers with Reindeer and Santa outfits, and it’s a nice relaxed atmosphere which usually has an open paddock.

Two motorcycle classes will be run, 125cc to 400cc, and a solo class from 401cc to 1300cc so it means you’ll see 600s dusting utu op with 1000s, and classics. It’s a rare old mix usually but great to watch. And if you have an ACU licence and want to enter, click on the link below.


Adults – £12.00 on the gate. Under 16s are free.
More details:


Tuesday December 26th

The Wild and Woolly, Arm Farm, Blisworth, Northamptonshire

Claimed to be Britain’s oldest motocross race, now in its 91st year, the Wild and Woolly is one of the muddiest spectaculars in motocross! It always attracts a big entry list of riders looking to get rid of the Christmas hangover, and a big crowd desperate to get out of the house.

Pack plenty of warm clothes and some muddy boots, you’re going to need them! Entries are still available if you want to race, and if you do – respect!


Free to watch! Racing is expected to start at 10am. More details:


December 30, 2017

Extreme Enduro, Foxborough Quarry, Hedingham, Essex

This event is in its fourth year, and will make you wonder just how the riders get over some of the obstacles in this disused quarry. It’s called Extreme Enduro for a reason! There’s everything from rock slabs, a rocky stairway, tree trunks and plenty of mud over the two hour enduro course, which gives you plenty of time to move round the track and watch the various sections as they come around again and again.

The event takes place at 11am. Spectators are charged £5.


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