Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2018

To an untrained eye, the BMW GS series of bikes all look alike. Some people still think that they’re powered by the two valve airhead engine from the last millennium, but evolution of the model is what’s kept the big BMW at the forefront of the pack when it comes to litre plus adventure bikes.

Over the years there’s been no end of updates to keep the GS in the hunt. These include gradual cc increases, twin cam heads and even water cooling. With a new version featuring variable valve timing on the horizon, it’s clear that the GS will be a major part of the BMW range for many years to come. If you’re looking for a previously enjoyed GS model and want maximum value for your money then the R1200GS is damn good starting point. This mellow yellow example boasts all you need to get out on the highway (or off it) and look for an adventure.

With only 33,000 miles recorded in its 12 years, this one doesn’t appear to have seen too much use. The all important service history is present and correct, the last of its six stamps was applied less than 2000 miles ago. Adding to its kerb appeal is the fitted luggage, not just official BMW panniers, but also a decent sized Givi top box too. The heated grips will appeal if you intend to ride out the back end of this year and, at £4,500, it represents a lot of motorcycle for the money. Keep it clean and serviced and you shouldn’t lose too much of that outlay when you come to sell it. Demand often outstrips supply when it comes to good used GS, so prices remain healthy. That’s good if you’re selling but less helpful if you’re wanting to purchase one!

What to look for when buying a BMW R1200GS

  • A full service history is very desirable, it adds piece of mind and also value. A fully stamped up service book and a wad of receipts is what you want.
  • Extras come in all shapes and sizes, items like luggage are only useful if you are actually going to use them.
  • The clutch slave cylinder is a recognised weak spot, leaks are not uncommon but easy to spot and rectify.
  • Despite being badged as a 1200cc it’s actually an 1170cc engine.
  • Privately advertised bikes are rare, so expect to have to deal with a trader.

Expect to pay?

Prices are very much dependant on mileage, condition and service history. Rogue bikes with high miles and not a lot in the way of service history can be had for £2,500.

Low mileage models with sensible extras and low previous owners will always command a premium. £4,000 upwards is what you’ll need for a stonker.

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