Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th August 2018

Next year sees Triumph enter Grand Prix racing as the sole engine supplier in the Moto2 class. In true Triumph style, the Moto2 bikes will have a traditional three-cylinder engine (from the Street Triple) and a glorious sound that will shake up GPs. But what of Triumph’s past triple triumphs? We went in search of an old T595 Daytona to put on our watch list. Here’s the best one that we could find…

Launched into a marketplace with mucho patriotic pride and a distinctive three cylinder engine, the all-new Triumph T595 Daytona arrived in 1997 to do battle with not only the sports bikes from the land of the rising sun, but also to be a serious contender to take on the Ducati 916. It didn’t take too long for the aroma of coffee to be inhaled by the race rep bike buying public, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a classy cult classic.

The T595 was never a serious threat to the Fireblade or the Bologna beauty. It was though a pretty decent attempt, frame cracking issues aside! If you’re looking for a useable classic with plenty of character then the T595 could be the bike for you.

Prices for these triple treats varies from around a £1,000 for a bike in need of some TLC, up to around £4,000 for something that’s in stunning condition.

This golden wonder example is probably the finest example that’s currently up for grabs.

A genuine UK bike that’s registered on a P plate, it’s only clocked up 4,400 miles since 1997! The gallery of arty photographs allow you to see just how stunning this 21 year old is. The bike was stored in 1999, and the sleeping beauty wasn’t awoken until recently. It’s had the full works since including fresh fluids and a new fuel pump.

The bike even comes with the original sales receipt. The asking price might be pushing the ceiling for T595 Daytona prices, but for £3,995 it is one hell of a bike, it’s also one of the finest sounding engines on the planet.

What to look for when buying a T595 Daytona?

The gearbox might feel a bit agricultural, but it’s a genuine case of “they all do that Sir”.

Early bikes had a polished frame, which were recalled after reported incidents of frames cracking, replacements have a lacquered finish.

Check that the starter motor engages cleanly, the starter sprag clutch is a well known weakness.

It’s not uncommon for a crashed T595 Daytona to be stripped of its damaged fairing and turned into a T509 Speed Triple lookalike.

Expect to pay?

Bargain basement starts at around a £1,000. Tidy, roadworthy, bikes sit around the £2,000 mark, low mileage bikes with low owners top out at around £3,000. Beyond that price they need to be exceptional.