Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 14th May 2019

Many films, television shows and even video games have featured fantastical dream cars, which have captured our petrol-head imaginations. Throughout the years there have been many amazing fabulous fictional cars, which have managed to grab the attention of an audience, with details that would be next-to-impossible to create in real life.

At Carole Nash, we wanted to show our appreciation for these dream vehicles that can sport artificial intelligence, fire missiles, or even talk. Which is why we’re taking a look at 4 of the most captivating and coolest made-up motors that sadly will never actually exist.


Kitt night rider

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Back in the 1980s the artificially intelligent and indestructible supercar, KITT, was hugely popular in the television show Knight Rider. Originally starting out as a 1982 Pontiac Firebird, which then turned into a Ford Shelby GT500KR for a new series in 2008.

The character of Michael Knight could sit back in the car that could drive itself and actually talk to him. KITT would provide the crime-fighting character with assistance due to the fact that it was essentially a supercomputer on wheels, armour plated and even had rocket boosters to help it jump several feet into the air. If only the real world “intelligent” driving systems that are being developed were as cool.

The Tumbler – A.K.A. The Batmobile

The batmobile

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You may remember this from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy of films as Batman’s new go-to vehicle for fighting the criminals of Gotham. Admittedly it’s almost more of a tank than a car, capable of seemingly running over or through anything.

The Tumbler comes ready made with an array of gadgets and weapons for the caped crusader to take advantage of. Built in machine guns, reinforced armor plating and remote control capabilities. It has a jet engine for some quick rocket boosting escapes, a secret motorcycle can be ejected from inside, and of course it comes in black.

007’s Aston Martin DB5

James bond car

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Granted the Aston Martin DB5 is very much a real thing, however the modified version of the 1964 DB5 driven by James Bond himself, is sadly a thing of fantasy. Bond’s iconic car has featured with him behind the wheel more than any other car in the franchise’s history, from Goldfinger to Casino Royale.

From tire-slashing hubcaps and bulletproof glass, to a revolving number plate and even a passenger ejector seat, the DB5 is loaded with an array alluring gadgets, which are ideal for any super spy.

The Ecto-1

ecto 1

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The Ghostbusters wouldn’t have been able to sort out any of those annoying apparitions without their go-to-vehicle, the Ecto-1. It’s essentially a Cadillac hearse, which has been modified into a supernatural police car of sorts.

It manages to combine some classic car styling with some essential ghost-busting gadgets stacked on the roof rack. The array of interesting gear on the car is never actually explained but apparently includes infrared sensors, radar and even a satellite uplink – plus there’s room to store the all important proton packs of course.