Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 21st September 2017



Having a lot of money is a great excuse to buy a new car if you’re enthusiastic about them. Going for a drive is a great way to relax, whether it’s at the end of a long week, or on a quiet Sunday. Others go the extra distance and start a collection, like former footballer David Beckham. Over the years, Beckham has amassed an army of cars that has earned a reputation of its own. The collection includes Porsches, Aston Martins, Jaguars, Audis and Bentleys. Beckham has gone all out to make his cars as varied as possible, and here are some of the most interesting.

Lamborghini Gallardo


Beckham’s silver Lambo features a 5.2-litre V10 engine and distinctive ‘23’ embossed wheels. It’s able to hit 60mph in 4.2 seconds. He bought it for £212574 and sold it as part of five others that were valued at £523260 together.


Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe


The coupe has an elegant exterior, from the shiny wheels, to the sleek curves. The interior is relaxed, with a convertible roof that can be dropped in warmer weather. It’s a great combination of luxury and comfort. Beckham bought it for £449677 and sold it to a Las Vegas car dealership in 2012.

Jeep Wrangler


Not every car has to be luxurious, with Beckham’s Jeep Wrangler being an example of a bulkier vehicle. The car has a muscular design, with big wheels and a black paint job. It also features blacked out rims and an extra tyre on the back. Beckham bought in for around £25,000 in 2008.

Jaguar XJ


The Jaguar XJ has spectacular performance, being able to go from 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds. It features 10-spoke alloy wheels, LED taillights and LED signature lights and a Panoramic moonroof. It’s the ideal car for driving when you’re on a long journey, thanks to the splendid torque and speed.

Porsche 997 Convertible Turbo


Beckham purchased the Porsche 997 in 2008 and gave it a black finish. It has a streamlined appearance, granting it the ability to reach a fast speed. The former United player even stitched his shirt number, 23, into the leather seats. It also has a drop-top feature that can be wound down when Beckham wants to feel the wind in his hair. He sold it on eBay in 2011.

Hummer H2


Beckham modified his Hummer, adding wheels with a ‘VII’ logo and embossing the seats with ‘VB.’ He spent a total of £84375 to buy the car and an extra £27634 on luxurious modifications. Beckham appreciates Hummers so much that he bought his son Brooklyn a scaled down toy version costing £24856 for Christmas.

Chevrolet Camaro


This Camaro is heavily customised, featuring a matte black finish. Beckham chose the Agreto V500 wheels to match the dark colour of the car, which cost him £44967 all together. The Camaro is a blend of beauty and speed, making it a marvellous car.


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