Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 10th October 2017

It’s safe to say the Jaguar E-type is one of the most beautiful classic cars in the world, and Jaguar’s in-house restoration team are happy to restore yours for a price of £285,000. But what happens if you decide to do it yourself from scratch? Is it more affordable to roll up your sleeves and take a hands on approach? Classic car enthusiast Peter Fellowes seemed to think so.

During a trip to the Isle of Wight, Fellowes came across a 1973 Series 3 E-Type and he knew he needed the car. Before buying the Series 3, Fellowes owned a 1960s Volvo P1800 and E-Type Series 1. With his children having left home, the 62-year-old decided it was time to start a project. Over two years, he spent 14 hours a day restoring the E-Type to pristine condition.

Fellowes admitted it became an obsession and “the project created massive challenges throughout, from reconditioning, improving and refinishing the mechanical components to better than their original, to restoring the complex bodyshell to considerably higher standards of fit and finish than the factory ever did.”

All of Fellowes hard work paid off, as he entered the car into six concours competitions and it won all of them. “Needless to say, winning is a wonderful experience as it makes the immense amount of commitment, hard work and expense all worthwhile. I have so far attended six competitions and won them all. I had entered many more, but due to the E-Type’s concours standard, I will not take her out if rain is forecast.”

Fellowes has said he misses the daily restoration routine and is considering restoring a Jaguar Mk2 to the same standard as his Series 3.

His obsession is similar to what many classic vehicle enthusiasts feel, as they enjoy the practical side of car restoration. You have the opportunity to be creative and bringing a car back to life provides a sense of purpose.

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