Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 26th September 2017

The world of classic cars is filled with people who share a love for vehicles. Their passion is a great reminder that classics continue to have a place among newer models. There are many ways to share your love for classic cars, whether you’re part of a club, or write for a magazine. A popular way to connect with people is by running a blog, and there are plenty of amazing classic car blogs around.


After doing some research, we’ve come up with a list of ten of the most interesting classic car blogs. In no particular order, here they are.


Take To The Road

Take To The Road is an award winning classic car blog founded by Niall Julian. Set up in 2015, Take To The Road features all the latest car reviews. Whether you’re interested in classics, or future classics, Take To The Road has a range of informative articles.

Car Throttle

Founded by car enthusiast Adnan Ebrahim, Car Throttle is run by a team of writers in London and New York. They have a variety of entertaining classic car content, including videos and special footage from automotive shows. Readers have the chance to submit their own car videos and create a viral trend.

The Car Expert

If you’re looking for in-depth advice about the classic car market, then you can’t go wrong with The Car Expert. This award winning website features the latest information on manufacturers and car news. They also provide a lot of useful financial advice that will help you make an informed decision when buying a classic car.

Classic Driver

Filled with breathtaking photography, Classic Driver is like looking at an online magazine. In addition to showcasing the latest classic cars for sale, they write about classic car culture. This embodies a luxurious lifestyle of watches, auctions and the kind of cars you’d want to have in your garage.

My Classic

My Classic is dedicated to providing the latest classic car news going on in the UK. It provides a lot of useful information on shows and events happening around the country. My Classic also features a comprehensive list of all the classic car clubs in the UK.

The Car Spotter Blog

The Car Spotter Blog is a hub of classic car knowledge, featuring reviews and show locations. There’s also a lot of helpful tips on vehicle maintenance, such as how to prepare your classic car for winter.

My Car Quest

My Car Quest is on a journey to discover the greatest classic cars in history. They focus on a range of vehicles, including vintage cars. The website is run by Mike Gulett, who has over thirty years of experience in the technology business.

FOXY Lady Drivers

Over the years, classic cars have become popular among women and the FOXY Lady Drivers blog is dedicated to female drivers. Run by Steph Savill, the website offers women helpful advice on the classic car market. There are also industry spotlights to encourage more women to join the automotive industry.

Old Classic Car

For a blog that covers vintage cars all the way up to modern classics, you can’t get much better than Old Classic Car. The UK based site started small, but got larger over time. It offers nostalgia for cars of yesteryear, making it a must-read blog.


One of the most detailed classic car blogs around, Petrolicious covers all kinds of vehicles. They feature articles on films, Instagram posts and maintenance advice. You also have the chance to submit your own classic vehicle story, whether it’s a collection of cars or a brilliant road trip you want to share.