Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th March 2018

Cars have played a big role in films and some of the most iconic vehicles can be found in the James Bond franchise. From the Aston Martin DB5, to the Lotus Esprit 1, there have been plenty of memorable vehicles. For anyone who wants to see them up close, there are certain collections that contain cars from the franchise. James Bond fans are in luck because we’re featuring four museums that feature 007 collections worth seeing.


Bond In Motion Exhibition At London Film Museum

Found at the London Film Museum, this exhibition is considered the largest James Bond collection in the world. It features vehicles from every movie that are on loan from EON Productions and the Ian Fleming Foundation. The main exhibition space has classics like the Aston Martin DB5, Rolls-Royce Phantom III and rarer items like the Citroen 2CV and Crocodile Submarine. What makes the collection special is that every vehicle is the original one that appeared in a film. The exhibition also contains exclusive concept art and storyboards that will immerse you in the filmmaking process.


Exquisitely Evil Exhibit At The International Spy Museum

This exhibit celebrates the Bond villains in all of their glory, with the collection featuring airships, exotic weaponry and evil lairs. In addition to unique vehicles, the centrepiece of the exhibit is an Aston Martin DB5. You’ll be able to see how the villains’ plots have changed to reflect the times and how Bond fits into the larger world of espionage. Visitors can get involved with different experiences, like getting up close and personal with a shark tank and defusing an atomic bomb.


James Bond Exhibit At The Miami Auto Museum At The Dezer Collection

This exhibit was put together by entrepreneur Michael Dezer, an avid car collector and James Bond enthusiast. The museum houses cars from the majority of the Bond films, including Quantum of Solace’s Alfa Romeo 159, Casino Royale’s Land Rover and Goldfinger’s 1963 Aston Martin DB5. There are also various tanks, helicopters, planes, boats and submarines.


James Bond 007 Museum

Found in Nybro, Sweden, the James Bond 007 Museum is dedicated to the history of the franchise. You’ll be able to see a variety of vehicles and explore different themed rooms. For example, there’s the Die Another Day Ice Palace exhibit and Ian Fleming Library. There’s also a champagne bollinger bar and game room that features Goldeneye pinball.

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