Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 13th June 2017

Since its creation in 1959, the Mini has been a popular choice for classic car enthusiasts. It changed the automotive world forever with its small size. In the motor industry, minis have come to represent British ingenuity. There are a number of classic models, from the Mini MK1, to the Mini Cooper. Here are 5 of the most stylish.

1959 Mini MK1

The MK1 was the original Mini and offered a different driving experience to other cars of the time. With a transverse engine and compact design, the MK1 made other vehicles seem outdated and clunky. It featured sliding windows, external door hinges and a moustache grille. Even with its small size, the MK1 could fit up to four people inside, which added to its charm.


1964 Mini Cooper

Formula One builder, John Cooper saw potential in the Mini and worked with Alec Issigonis to improve on the design. The result was the Mini Cooper. The 1964 Cooper featured a 998cc engine that made it ideal for performance racing. Rhodesian racer, John Love used a Mini Cooper in 1962 to win the British Saloon Car Championship.

1972 Mini Clubman

The Clubman was styled in a different way to the original Mini. Ex-Ford designer Roy Haynes incorporated a squarer shape for the car. The Clubman served as an alternative to the classic round design Mini. This offered more diversity and opened the way for the Mini 1275 GT, which had a similar front design as the Clubman.

1961 Wolseley Hornet

Considered to be the more luxurious version of a Mini, the Wolseley Hornet was introduced in 1961. The Hornet featured longer rear wings and a larger boot compared to the standard model. The interior had a veneered wooden dashboard and improved trim. The Hornet started off with a 848cc engine and changed to a 998cc when they next model was brought out.