Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 26th September 2017

Classic cars are appealing to a lot of people, but they aren’t the only type of car on the market. Military vehicles are praised for their design and at Carole Nash we provide cover for all kinds of models. Whether you own a SAS ‘Pink Panther’ Land Rover or Alvis Scorpion reconnaissance tank, we’ll make sure you find the right kind of policy. Here are some classic military vehicles that are sure to appeal to car enthusiasts.

Daimler Ferret Armoured Car

The ferret armoured car was developed in 1949 by the British Army and eventually replaced the Dingo scout cars that were being used at the time. The ferret was heavier, larger and had a central driver position. It had a sturdy build that meant it could carry heavy loads such as AT missiles. Today, the ferret has been retired from service, but remains popular among collectors for its affordable price and spare parts.

SAS Pink Panther Land Rover

Land Rovers have always been favoured by the military because of their durable build. During the Gulf War, the SAS decided to paint their vehicles pink for tactical reasons. The colour scheme was an effective camouflage strategy, as the car blended into the desert background. This proved to be especially useful during dawn and dusk.


Alvis Stalwart

The Alvis Stalwart was used by the British Army from 1966 up to the 1980s. The Stalwart had amphibious capabilities, featuring waterproof seals and a 6-wheel-drive system. When in the water, the truck could be driven at 6 knots by water-jet propulsion units. The Stalwart’s impressive over-terrain abilities made it an ideal vehicle for resupplying units in the field.


T-34 Tank

When the T-34 tank was introduced in 1941, it had an unprecedented combination of protection and firepower. It featured a heavily sloped armour design, powerful engine and wide tracks that made it a terror on the battlefield. When German tank general von Kleist encountered the T-34 for the first time, he called it “the finest tank in the world.” It became the second most produced tank of all time, behind the T-54.

FV101 Scorpion

Manufactured by Avis, the FV101 Scorpion holds the Guinness world record for the fastest production tank, being clocked at a speed of 82.2 km/h. It featured a Jaguar J60 4.2-litre engine and a low-velocity L2A1 gun capable of firing explosive, smoke and canister rounds