Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 26th September 2017

Wedding cars are an essential part of any bride and groom’s big day because it sets the tone for their ceremony. Everyone’s wedding is different, and the useful thing about the internet these days is that you don’t have to own a classic car to show up in one. There’s the option to hire a car for your wedding day, making it even more special. We’ve picked out some of the best classic cars you can hire for your wedding celebration.

Jaguar Mk2

The Jaguar Mk2 is one of the best cars to use because it’s stylish and sleek. It’s the embodiment of Sir William Lyons’ motto of “grace, pace and space,” being a fast and roomy vehicle. The wide windscreen and rear window provides a lot of visibility. This means they’ll be plenty of photo opportunities. With the Jag’s handling, it’s even better if you’re the one behind the wheel.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Few cars match the luxurious feeling of a Rolls-Royce Phantom. From the hood-mounted Spirit of Ecstasy, to the comfortable interior, riding in a Phantom adds a touch of class to the wedding. The Phantom features a 6.7-litre V12 engine with 453 horsepower, giving it power as well as elegance. The interior can be customised to your specifications, making the Phantom an ideal car for your wedding.

Mini Mk1

No car encapsulates Britain like the classic Mini. Compact, stylish and spacious, the Mini is a good choice for any bride and groom set on a traditional British wedding. Compared to other classic cars, it’s a lot cheaper to hire and less showy.

Tuk Tuk

Are you planning to have an unconventional wedding? You could go for something out of the ordinary by hiring a Tuk Tuk or Rickshaw as they are more commonly known. The Tuk Tuk is a three-wheeled vehicle that can be driven across country, depending on whether you’re getting married at a church, farmhouse or old manor home. The Tuk Tuk is even more effective if you’re getting married in another country.

Austin-Healey 3000

The Austin-Healey 3000 is a sporty car with a history of racing victories in Europe. It has the kind of prestigious reputation that’s perfect for a wedding. With a long bonnet, shiny wheels and powerful engine, the Healey 3000 is a wonderful vehicle to hire, and it’s sure to make your special day even more memorable.