Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 26th September 2017

We all have our reasons for wanting to own a certain car. Maybe you like the way it looks, or you enjoy the idea of going on a road trip in your ideal motor. It can be fun to imagine driving your perfect classic car, and your imagination can be influenced by things you’ve seen or heard in the past. Perhaps it’s a picture or even a slogan.

According to the book Advertising Psychology and Research “People sometimes pick up slogans or catchphrases from advertising purely for use in conversation. Later, they find themselves making important market choices on the basis of these same compelling words.”

Slogans can trigger an emotional reaction and car manufacturers have come up with their own mottos as a way to promote their vehicles. There have been a number of inspirational classic car slogans over the years, and here are five of the most memorable.

We Are The Competition

‘We are the competition’ is Ferrari’s most prominent slogan and it speaks to founder Enzo Ferrari’s sense of confidence in his brand. Coming from a racing background, the Italian faced competition every time he went onto the track. He took that experience and positioned his company as the one that every other manufacturer has to compete with.

Porsche. There Is No Substitute

Like Ferrari, Porsche are confident in their ability to sell. The slogan is straight to the point and positions Porsche as a timeless brand that can be neither replicated or replaced.

It’s Not A Car, It’s A Volkswagen

This slogan from VW is memorable because it sets their vehicles apart from any other car. There’s an immediacy about it that makes you think of something one of a kind. Given that the company created the Beetle, the slogan does back up its claim.


‘Zoom-Zoom’ is meant to convey the quickness of a Mazda car and speed appeals to many drivers. What really makes it memorable is the simplicity of the slogan and the fact that it can get stuck in your head if you say it a certain number of times.

Power For Your Control

Driving is a personal experience and being on the open road means you have the freedom to go anywhere. Alfa Romeo tapped into that feeling with their ‘power for your control’ slogan. It makes a driver feel like they’re in control of their own destiny.

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