Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 5th June 2018

One of 2018’s most exciting classic car events is happening on the 7th June and 8th June in the UK’s capital. The London Concours is taking place at the Honourable Artillery Company headquarters between Old Street and Moorgate. All kinds of impressive vehicles will be put on display, ranging from luxury motors to high-tech machines. Several rare cars will also be featured, and here are five of them.

Fiat S76

Also known as the ‘Beast of Turin’ this car broke land speed records when it was introduced in 1910. The massive 28.5-litre inline-four engine is the largest purpose-built car engine of all time, producing 300 hp. It’s so powerful that the S76 has produced flames when it’s taken to the road. It’s the only surviving model because the second one was dismantled after WW1.

BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile

This car earned its nickname because of the aerodynamic body, large rear spoiler and shark-like appearance. As a homologation special, the CSL was designed to be a race car. It was modified to race in the ‘over 3 litre’ division, which meant engine capacity was rebored and quoted as 3003 cc. It’s thought the CSL is worth £275,000.

Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato

The Flaminia was introduced as the successor to the widely popular Aurelia. Everything was improved, from the powerful V6 engine to the front suspension. The car came in four variants, with the Sport and Super Sport being developed by Zagato. The model that’s being displayed at the London Concours is one of the rare production versions that was fitted with a larger 2.8-litre engine. As one of only 33 cars, this Flaminia Sport could be considered the most desirable model in the UK.

Fiat 8V Supersonic

Developed in a limited run by Ghia, the Fiat 8V Supersonic featured 1950s jet age bodywork. The creation of the car came about after a one-off model had been built for an entrant in the Mille Miglia race. After the car was displayed at the 1953 Turin Show, public reaction led to 15 being built. The London Concours Supersonic is said to be valued at £1 million.

Ferrari 212/225 Inter

The Ferrari 212 Inter is one of the greatest racing vehicles in history. According to Autocar it outperformed any automotive that was previously tested. The 212 raced in a number of events, including the Mille Miglia and on the Autodromo Monza track. With a one-off Vignale body and high performance design, the 225 model is a gorgeous machine.

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