Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 11th December 2017

We’re used to seeing new cars advertised on TV, but there have been thousands of vehicles advertised in print as well. This is still common practice, with a lot of time being devoted to advertising cars in magazines. Some printed adverts can be considered classics, and here are memorable adverts for six classic cars.


Volkswagen Beetle

Perhaps the most iconic car advert of all time, this VW Beetle ad was part of a larger campaign that tapped into the unusual appearance of the vehicle. Volkswagen were tongue-in-cheek with their marketing, describing the Beetle as ‘ugly’ but asking the reader to understand that you shouldn’t judge something for how it looks.



Citroen 2CV

This brilliant advert for the Citroen 2CV makes fun of the luxury car market. It claims the Citroen 2CV is faster than a Ferrari and has more room than a Porsche. This advert is effective because it puts a cheap vehicle on the same level as pricier models.

Audi Quattro

The Audi Quattro became known for its four wheel drive system, which the company focused heavily on in their advertising. This advert uses the clever headline of ‘twice the drive of any other sports car.’ The text explains what sets the Quattro apart from other vehicles and urges the reader to book a test drive to find out for themselves.



The Mini has earned its place as one of the best cars of all time, and the advertising has reflected its excellence. This advert shows a Mini on an open road and there’s a sense of the city contrasting with the countryside. The tagline ‘a little goes a long way’ references the Mini’s size and points out that even a small bit of progress is worth talking about.

Porsche Advert

Porsche 956

Porsche have a history of success, so they felt like bragging about it after the 1983 Le Mans. The Porsche 956 did well and it’s referenced in the results, with the only difference being a BMW and Sauber finishing in 9th place. It’s a clever bit of marketing because the ‘nobody’s perfect’ line makes Porsche’s victory stand out even more.

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