Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 15th January 2018

Supercars have a reputation for being the most beautiful vehicles in the automotive world, and another one is set to be rolled off the assembly line. Italian coachbuilder ARES Design has announced ‘Project Panther’, a modern version of the legendary 1970s De Tomaso Pantera supercar. It’s the first car to be made in ARES Design’s new Modena headquarters as part of its ‘Bespoke Creations’ range of coachbuilt vehicles.

The car is being built on the chassis of a Lamborghini Huracan. The chassis will be combined with the steel unibody design of the original De Tomaso Pantera. Project Panther will feature many of the De Tomaso’s design features, such as the pop-up headlamps. Newer features are also included, like 10-spoke wheels and new exhaust pipes. The original Pantera had a top speed of 159 mph, but ARES have yet to confirm the power of the Project Panther engine.

Built in 1971, the original Pantera was a gorgeous machine. It became the first De Tomaso car to use a steel unibody and had a sleek appearance. The Pantera logo included the Argentinian flag turned on its side with a T-shaped emblem used by Argentinian cattle ranchers.

Head of Design, Mihai Panaitescu, is leading the project and enthusiasts can expect a “future classic.” The founder and CEO of ARES Design, Dany Bahar, has said the launch of the motor is in line with the company aim to produce “the world’s most stunning bespoke and coachbuilt cars.”

Project Panther will be built in limited numbers and ARES have claimed they have “confirmed deposits” from a number of enthusiasts. The car is set to go on sale in Autumn 2018 and ARES Design have promised there is more to come.

Project Panther is sure to continue the legacy of the original Pantera. What do you think of ARES Design’s announcement? Let us know by commenting on our Inside Classics Facebook page.