Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th September 2017

Is it time to part with your beloved classic car to make some room for a new one? If so, you’ve got the task of creating an ad that will do your beloved car some justice. To help you out a little, here are a few tips.

Pricing the car

Pricing your classic is the most difficult part of the selling process and your classic has sentimental value so it’s common to price it a little too high. The price will depend on a whole host of factors, including mileage, condition, number of previous owners, if it’s been involved in an accident, etc. Make sure you do your research; check as many independent sources as you can to see what other owners are asking for similar cars. If you’re still struggling, it’s possible to get it independently valued. Doing this will give you peace of mind that you aren’t asking too little – or too much – for your car.

Writing the ad

Ads should be detailed and accurate, focusing on the main selling points of the car while also drawing attention to any flaws. Make sure you’re as honest as possible with this, as this will make the buyer to trust you. As long as what you’re writing is relevant, you can write as much as you want to – the more information the better. Make sure you accurately describe weaknesses and list all the important bits: number of owners; make, model and year; service/accident/general car history; any parts replaced; mileage; colour; transmission; fuel type; tax and MOT details; extras; modifications, etc.


Photos of your car are absolutely essential. Take pictures of the car outdoors in the sunlight and make sure the background isn’t cluttered if you’re taking a few long shots. Shoot the car’s exterior, interior and engine bay from as many angles as possible, making sure you get some snaps of the odometer for proof of mileage. You’re selling a classic car, so it’s vital to snap any flaws listed in the ad – prospective buyers will appreciate your honesty. If your camera allows you, you could create a short ‘walk-around’ video of the car where you show the viewer the car and let them hear the engine.