Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 18th September 2017

Four Important Questions To Ask A Classic Car Seller

If you’re planning to buy a classic car from a private seller, there’s no doubt you’ve made a mental – if not physical – list of what to check when you arrive. But, as well as checking the physical aspects of a car, sometimes you can get more valuable information by asking the seller certain questions. Below are four important questions you must ask a classic car seller:

1. “Why are you selling the car?”

It’s always good to know why the owner is parting with their beloved vehicle. They may be investing in a new model or are selling it because they need the money, for instance. But, they may also give answers that arouse suspicion, or if they appear nervous in their response they may be hiding something.

2. “Was the vehicle ever involved in an accident?”

Vehicles that have been involved in accidents could be more susceptible to problems so this is a really important question to ask the seller. The seller may not have crashed the car, but the owner before that may have, so ask if they have any knowledge of that happening. If the owner says “no” but you later find physical signs that the car has been involved in an accident, you know the owner isn’t very trustworthy.

3. “Do you have service records for it?”

If the owner has kept hold of all the service records for the car it’s more than likely that they have taken good care of the vehicle. If the owner fails to provide any records, why have they not held onto them?

4. “How much are you asking for it?”

Obviously this is a vital question that you may already know the answer to if you’ve spotted the ad in a magazine or online, for example. However, there may be some leeway in the price so you may be able to negotiate. Make sure you’ve compared prices of the car before you arrive; if it’s reasonably cheap, great. If it’s really cheap, something may not be quite right.