Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

Have you ever dreamed of really opening up your classic car and putting it through its paces, without the inconveniences of speed limits, potholes, pedestrians and traffic? Of course you have. Being the envy of everyone on the road is all well and good, but imagine how much greater everyone’s envy would be if they could really see what your motor can do! And, of course, what’s the point of having that perfect car if you can’t fully enjoy all the reasons why it’s the best thing on four wheels?

But where can you go for the true experience of pushing your classic as far as it’ll go, in a way that is both safe and compliant with road laws? How about a track day?

You might be surprised at just how many of the UK’s major circuits offer track days for private owners to try out. From easy-going Aintree, all the way up to the legendary Silverstone F1 circuit, no matter where you are – or how confident you feel taking to a professional circuit – there’ll be a track to suit you. There’s plenty of resources online to find participating circuits, such as

Many circuits offer plenty of facilities for track days. Open pit lane days mean drivers can take to the track all day (subject to rules on track capacity, of course), as and when they please. A lot of circuits will provide track training for beginners, including instructional laps in minibuses, or the option for in-car tuition.

For the classic car-curious, who aren’t lucky enough to have their classic motor, there’s also plenty of hire options out there, letting you take to the track in legendary models.

Of course, if you’re taking your own car, your standard insurance policy won’t keep you covered. But track day cover is available for those who are serious about regularly getting on a circuit.

Just remember, track days are getting more and more popular, and the better-known circuits book up well in advance with drivers keen to live out their racing dreams. Make sure you book early to avoid disappointment, and check for any requirements tracks have.

For example, circuits will insist that all drivers wear a helmet that complies with various safety regulations, although you’ll often be able to hire one at the track – for a price. Clothes that keep arms and legs covered, and sensible driving shoes, are also essential, though that’s surely just common sense as well! There’s a good chance you’ll need both parts of your driving licence too – just make sure you check requirements thoroughly before you go.

If you’re dedicated to your classic car, and the thrill that comes with pushing it to the limit, the chance to put it through its paces on a world-renowned circuit must surely be hard to resist. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show the world what your motor is made of.