Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

Prior to the show’s downfall, Top Gear played host to one of the finest pieces of furniture imaginable – a coffee table made out of an old V8 engine. It was perfection.

Nowadays, inspired by the Top Gear setup, more and more people are turning their old classics into pieces of furniture they can enjoy each and every day. Below are just a few of our favourite ideas to bring the classic car feel indoors.

Chillin’ on the backseats

If you’ve already clicked ‘buy it now’ on that V8 table, you might want to consider complimenting your purchase with a bespoke sofa made out of your car’s back seats. There are plenty of ready-made options available online, but by making a sofa out of your own classic, you’ll be able to enjoy a little piece of automotive magic every day. Just don’t go offering lifts if you’re still thinking of using the car afterwards.

But what if I own a convertible?

If you own a convertible, fear not, you can still achieve the home of your dreams without the need for backseats. This example of a sofa made out of the boot of a Mercedes W124 would look perfect in any home – so why not see if you could mould a similar piece out of any spare parts that live in your shed?

Get your timing right

So you’re keen to add some classic furniture to your home but don’t think your other half would let you get away with a backseat sofa? Fair enough – maybe you’d be better off opting for something a little less ‘out there’, something like a piston clock, perhaps? This website talks you through how to make your own, meaning now there really is no excuse to not have one of these sitting on your mantelpiece.


Not much of a DIY fan? Then maybe this petrol pump lamp will take your fancy? Given that petrol cars are now making way for newer, greener options, this particular product offers something of a token to remember the golden age of motoring. And at only £599.85, who could possibly say no?

Work like a champion

Whether you’re playing computer games or tinkering in your home office, if you’re looking to turn your mundane workspace into your own race headquarters, you might want to consider investing in a racing office sports chair. Sure they swivel, adjust and roll just like regular office chairs, but when you consider they arrive in a whole host of racing colours and styles, they’re certainly a lot cooler than your average high street option.


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