Carole Nash
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Published: 2nd January 2018

Going on a road trip can be a great way to clear your head and it’s even better when you’re driving a classic car. There are plenty of great places to see in Europe, with Estonia being among the most cosmopolitan. The country has been occupied by various governments, including German, Danish and Russian. Through it all, Estonia has retained its own sense of culture and we’re focusing on some of the best places to visit.


No trip to Estonia would be complete without visiting the capital city. Tallinn is a cultural hub and one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. In addition to the beautiful Old Town, Tallinn boasts several museums, such as the Estonian History Museum and Great Guild Hall.

Historical sites in the city include the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and St Olaf’s church. Arrive at the right time and you can check out the annual Black Nights Film Festival that showcases a variety of indie films.

Puhtitsa Convent

Once you’ve seen everything in Tallinn, head towards Puhtitsa Convent, which is said to be the home of the Russian Old Believers who fled Russia to escape persecution. The convent is made up of six churches. It was built in the Russian Revival style and makes a great stop off point to explore another side of Estonia’s history.


The next place to see is the city of Tartu, which houses the University of Tartu. The Old Town is impressive and definitely worth a visit and you can enjoy some traditional Estonian food. If you fancy seeing something other than architecture, then the University’s botanical gardens are truly a sight to behold.


In the warmer months, Parnu is a great place to visit, due to the picturesque beaches. The resort town also has spas that you can relax in if you’re not feeling up to going to the beach. If you are feeling adventurous then there are plenty of water activities, ranging from kayaking to yachting.

Muhu Island

From Parnu, drive onto a car ferry and take a trip to Muhu. The island contains various villages and as soon as you arrive, you’ll feel as if you’ve gone back in time. You’ll find homes with thatched roofs and traditional windmills. You can also visit the Muhu Museum, which features several exhibitions.

Estonia is a beautiful country and one that can be visited all year round.

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