Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th November 2018

Great news for fans of the classic Morgan Plus 4. The car, which has up to a ten-year wait list to buy, is now available to rent thanks to London Morgan.

The classic Morgan Plus 4 convertible and the three wheeler is available to rent from the independent flagship dealers of the Morgan motor company.

Those who get to take it for a spin can enjoy:

  • a 2.0 litre Ford engine
  • an attractive, easy up black PVC hood
  • reclining sports seats
  • heated windscreen and heater

You can rent the Morgan Plus 4 for varying periods of time. Rental prices are as follows:

Day rental – £220

Overnight – £280

Weekend – £595

Week – £1050

The history of the Morgan Motor Company

Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan designed and built a car for his own personal use in 1909 and founded the Morgan Motor Company a year later in 1910. The first Morgan cars were simple single-seat machines steered with a tiller and powered by either a single cylinder 4 h.p. engine or an 8h.p. V-twin engine.  Named “The Runabout,” these original cars were unveiled to the public at the Olympia motorcycle show in London in November 1910. The car manufacturer ran under Morgan until he died at age 77 in 1959.

Morgan is the UK’s last family owned car manufacturers and still produces around 1300 cars every single year. Each and every Morgan car is handcrafted using three core elements: ash, aluminium and leather. Using the same wooden chassis design of the original models, each car is meticulously assembled by hand, offering bespoke customer personalisation.

As well as the original design, the Plus 4 is also available in a “narrow body” version. Sporting thinner wings and tyres, the narrow body Plus 4 has the more traditional look of the 4/4 whilst retaining the power of the Plus 4.