Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

From the South coast of Kent to the open roads of Norfolk, the team here at the Cherished vehicle division of Carole Nash have been lifting the garage door on who’s running what in the world of classic cars.

In a year to forget for German car manufacturer VW, we may be able to offer a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. While the company’s emissions (and omissions) remain a subject of furious debate throughout Europe, it seems that the British population has a certain fondness for the makers of the iconic Golf, Polo and Camper (well, for the classics, at least!).

While Kent boasts the highest number of vintage car owners across the board with 6% of the UK’s classics currently running in the county, the likes of Essex (5.4%), Surrey (4.8%) and Nottinghamshire (3.5%) completed a top four dominated by the south of England.

Digging a little further into our research, it soon became clear who the nation’s favourite manufacturers were. Throughout every county surveyed, VW came back as number one in each. And while MG, Morris and Triumph flew the flag for UK manufacturing throughout, it was the Germans who ran out as the clear winners.

In Kent alone, 17% of its classic cars were made by Volkswagen, with MG coming a not-so-close second. Elsewhere, Essex came in second place, and while Ford and MG hold 10% of the county’s classic car market, it was VW, boasting an unbeatable 15.2% market share, which claimed the crown as Britain’s classic car manufacturer of choice in 2015.

So which particular model is it that makes VW such a desirable motor among classic car enthusiasts? Perhaps it’s the iconic Mk1 Golf? Maybe it’s the vintage Scirocco? Of course not – it’s the iconic T2 Campervan!

In Lancashire alone, 73% of all the county’s classic VWs are T2 Campervans, while in Nottingham, the figure rises to 78%. Why these particular models remain a firm favourite isn’t difficult to see. With their distinct styling, swooping nose and 1960s feel, VW T2s have been a real must for free spirits everywhere since they first burst onto the scene in 1949.

In recent years, companies have been able to profit on the growing demand for these iconic motors. By offering fully restored and serviced Campers to the general public, companies such as Old School Camper Hire in Leeds and South West Camper Hire in Devon have flourished as more and more people opt for something a little bit different when booking their summer holidays or countryside retreats.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that VWs dominate the world of classic motorcars here in the UK. Whether it’s because of the company’s approach to design, aesthetics or performance, there’s just something us Brits love about 2015’s most controversial manufacturer.

(The data used in this research is owned by the Cherished vehicle division of Carole Nash, and is based upon our customer database. The data is correct as of the 4th December 2015.)