Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th January 2019

Recently, Coys auction house unearthed a treasure trove of classic car parts. After a lot of investigating, a full kit for building a Ferrari 250 GTO has been discovered. The parts include the chassis frame for a 1962 Ferrari 250, original Ferrari Tipo 128S V12 engine, a tubular GTO-style steel frame, wheels, suspension, bodywork sections and dials.

The parts, found in the south of England, were located some distance from the original collection. They belonged to a Ferrari collector who passed away years ago. Anyone who owns a Ferrari 250 SWB, 250 GTO or 275 has a chance to complete their dream vehicle.

Senior specialist at Coys, Nick Wells spoke about the appeal of the 250 GTO. It’s “without doubt the most desirable classic car in the world. With one of the original 36 examples now changing hands at in excess of £50 million, this blank canvas ‘build your own’ project, offered with unique provenance from Enzo Ferrari himself, is a mouth-watering prospect for the serious enthusiast.”

Chris Routledge, Managing Director of Coys, added “we were over the moon with the first finds. But we are ecstatic about this. It is completely unprecedented in the world of classic cars.”

The main collection of car parts contained various components and many were still inside their original wooden packing cases. The packaging dated back to the 1960s, while other parts were wrapped in oiled paper. When Routledge found the collection he described it as an “Aladdin’s cave which is going to excite people all over the world. I feel a bit like Howard Carter uncovering Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922; every time we remove one box or item there is something else of huge interest hiding behind.”

The revelation of a kit Ferrari 250 GTO is certainly exciting and a reminder that classic car parts really can be found anywhere.