Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 9th January 2019

It stands to reason that any classic car owner would want to prolong the paintwork and finish of their beloved vehicle.  And anyone hoping to more than recoup their investment in the years to come will want to keep their classic car in as pristine a condition as possible.

Well, for the very first time, a specially formulated ceramic coating and range of aftercare products have been produced to help preserve classic cars.

The new range of ‘Classic Guard’ coatings and after-care products have been created by Classic Motor Cars (CMC) in Shropshire.

CMC are classic car specialists who have received awards worldwide for their amazing restoration work. For the range of protective coating and after-care products, CMC have worked closely with Alpha Nano Developments Ltd using cutting edge Nano technology to ‘preserve’ classic cars for future generations.

The coating is designed to protect and preserve paintwork, bare metals, wheels and glass from pollution, environmental damage, corrosion and soiling. The after-car product range includes shampoo, quick detailing spray and ceramic infused wax.

It was even tested out at Hero’s Le Jog’s car rally with fantastic results!

Tips for prolonging the finish on your classic car

Choose your roads wisely

We all love a smooth ride and your classic car is now different. Avoid driving on gravel roads where stones can chip your paint and roads with potholes where dirt and grit can fly up onto the body of the car.

Invest in a car cover

When you’re not driving your car it may be tempting to leave it uncovered so people can see your pride and joy. But leaving it exposed to the elements will only deteriorate the paintwork more quickly. A good car cover will protect your classic car from animals, the weather, and any knocks and scrapes.

Give your classic car some TLC

Your classic car will look great for longer if you properly clean and protect it, whether you drive the car or leave it parked. Any residue left on the car, whether it’s bird poo, mud, dirt or dead flies can leave your classic car susceptible to corrosion. Be sure to give it a thorough clean and dry after each outing.

Avoid driving in bad weather

Avoid driving your classic car throughout winter as salt accumulation can severely damage your car’s paint job and accelerate corrosion. The metal on classic cars is more susceptible to rust and corrosion so it’s best to avoid driving in the rain or shortly after it has rained. If you’re planning on keeping your classic car in storage throughout winter, here are some tips for keeping it in good condition whilst it is being stored.