Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 26th September 2017

Fuzz is back with another of his top tip videos, with each one designed to help you use your classic car more efficiently. This video focuses on how to jack up your car safely. He starts by explaining that if your tyres have been punctured and you’re tempted to jack up the car, then it’s better to call your breakdown cover provider. However, if you want to do it yourself then it’s best to find a safe place to jack up the car.

Fuzz advises that you should avoid trying to jack up the car on the hard shoulder because it’s dangerous. Once you’ve found a safe place, then you can examine the vehicle. In the video, Fuzz uses a Mazda that’s been placed on a slope. He suggests putting a wooden plank beneath the rear tyre and keeping the handbrake on to stop the car from rolling backwards.

Next, Fuzz suggests loosening the nuts on the front wheel. This is to release the tension in the wheel and stop it from spinning while you’re jacking up the car. After he releases the nuts, Fuzz attaches a scissor jack to the car sill. He puts an axle stand underneath the car to act as a replacement for the wheel and keep the vehicle steady.

When the stand is in place, Fuzz points out that you should jack up the car slowly. You’re then ready to remove the damaged wheel if necessary.

A lesson to take away from the video is that you should never rush when it comes to jacking up your classic car. Even small details like loosening wheel nuts is important because it’s a safer approach.

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