Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 29th March 2018

“…For the vast majority of us, it’s the traditional security methods that we would recommend.” In an recent interview with Sky News, the RAC’s road safety spokesman Pete Williams, stated low tech can often be the best protection.

These days it only takes the push of a button to start up your engine or a few spoken words and your vehicle will alter the temperature inside to your liking. However, these innovative technology measures and devices can sometimes still be compromised and opened up to new forms of criminality.  

Thieves are beginning to find ways of bypassing modern security systems. Gangs catching up with technology can result in criminals now stealing vehicles without ever needing the keys.

Classic cars can be even more at risk due to lacking any modern sophisticated security features. Overseas, classic cars are in high demand, criminal gangs are willing to grab your car and ship it off to a market abroad, to be sold intact or chopped up for parts.

Imagine your classic car, that perhaps you’ve spent many hours restoring and waiting to take for a spin, is suddenly taken from you.

So what can be done to safeguard your classic car?

Back to basics

When it comes to security, the simple little things can end up making the biggest difference.

Here are some useful basic tips that are sometimes easily overlooked:

  • Consider where you park your car, make sure it’s in a well-lit area with security cameras and avoid a location known for vandalism or crime.  
  • Never leave secure valuables on show in the vehicle, as you could be presenting a further invitation to thieves.  
  • Using a security lock is recommended, as it can be both a visual and physical deterrent.
  • Using old-school security measures like a steering wheel or brake lock, removing the fuel pump fuse or ignition rotor, can still be just as effective.

Store it safely

It’s always advisable to keep your classic car locked away in a secure garage.  

  • Make sure the garage windows are covered with blinds or shades.
  • Place a cover over your car to obscure it from any prying eyes.
  • Make sure you never leave your keys in the ignition, or hung up and clearly marked as “car keys” in the garage.
  • Also make sure any garage that you use is fitted with deadbolt locks to all exterior doors. If it’s away from home, check for closed circuit cameras and security on-site.

Effective tech

It can be worth investing in a GPS monitoring system, a quality tracking device can help foil theft. The tracker can easily broadcast the location of your classic car wherever it has been stolen and help ensure that it’s returned to you undamaged and as quickly as possible.

There are also plenty of professionally fitted anti-theft devices out there to help secure your classic car further. It’s worth doing your research and finding a quality device that’s right for you.

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