Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 8th October 2018

For decades, flying cars have been considered the stuff of science fiction. Recently, there have been a number of manufacturers who have invested in flying car technology. The Liberty, the world’s first commercially available flying car, was announced for a 2019 debut. The announcement was made by PAL V at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Now, Germany is going to be hosting flying taxi tests. Audi and Airbus will be working together in the city of Ingolstadt. Representatives from both companies met with German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, Bavarian Transport Minister Dorothee Bar and Ingolstadt mayor Christian Losel to sign a declaration of intent to develop flying taxis in the city.

Scheuer believes the flying technology is perfect for the future. “Flying taxis aren’t a vision any longer, they can take us off into a new dimension of mobility. They open completely new possibilities, including medical transport in cities and urban areas.”

Audi and Airbus presented a flying car concept at the Geneva Motor Show back in March. The ‘Pop.Up Next’ concept was a light, two-seat passenger cabin that could be attached to a car or a drone.

The city of Hamburg is also becoming a centre for flying car technology. The city wants to conduct feasibility studies for the use of drones and other aerial vehicles in urban environments. Airbus is a part of the campaign.

Other German companies are looking to be a part of the action as well. Start up organisation Volocopter GmbH is developing new tech, while Daimler AG have constructed a drone-like electric helicopter to transport people across cities.

It seems inevitable that flying cars will become mass-produced on a large scale. Research is being carried out on a regular basis, and technology is always improving.

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