Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 16th January 2019

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini Espada and Islero, two cars that are remembered for their beauty. To celebrate the milestone, Lamborghini went on a tour of Italy with 20 classic models. The tour kicked off on September 9th in Perugia and was organised by Lamborghini Polo Storico, the manufacturer’s heritage preservation division. Polo Storico is based in Sant’Agata Bolognese, the same place where the Espada and Iselero were manufactured.

Both cars were big draws for the company. The Espada was Lamborghini’s first four-seater, breaking the firm’s traditional mould. The engine sat over the front axle and featured a lot of bodywork hanging over the front and back. The Islero came with four seats and a 2+2 configuration, placing emphasis on the luggage space. It came with a high-powered 3.9-litre Lamborghini V12.

The classic car tour passed through Perugia, Orvieto, Assisi, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, seeing a range of beautiful sights. Lamborghini CEO, Stefano Domenicali was present on the tour and he picked out several cars for recognition.

The CEO gave an award to a car owned for the longest, which turned out to be a 1973 Espada Series 3. It had been owned by the same person since 1977. The Espada became part of the family, recently being restored and took on tour to celebrate the owners’ 50th wedding anniversary. The award for the car that travelled the furthest distance went to a rare Series 2 Espada that completed a round trip of 6000 km. The most faithful award went to a 1968 Islero S, one of only 70 S variants.

The original owner of the Islero S drove to Sant’Agata Bolognese from England every year for servicing. His son took over the responsibility in 1993. This kind of dedication is a reflection of the spirit of the Lamborghini tour. Everyone involved wanted to celebrate an important milestone.