Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 9th April 2018

Tyre manufacturer Goodyear have recently revealed their prototype intelligent tyre concept, as a solution to growing pollution problems.

Unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the concept has been named the Oxygene – and actually contains living moss, which grows inside it.

Environmental Tyre Of The Future   

The cutting-edge concept is designed to help generate its own fresh air. Essentially it collects and absorbs moisture from the road’s surface, through it’s tread – and at the same time takes in carbon dioxide from the air.

This then allows photosynthesis to take place within the tyre itself, which results in clean oxygen getting released back into the atmosphere.

Goodyear have predicted that the concept could generate up to 3,000 tons of clean oxygen, in a city with around 2.5 million vehicles, helping to improve the general health and quality of life for people living in the city.   

Smart Mobility

Not only does the moss-filled prototype help to fight air pollution, it also manages to generate its own electricity. By recycling energy created during photosynthesis, the tyre is able to self power a range of embedded electronic technology.

Including installed Li-Fi (light fidelity) technology, which is able to communicate with other nearby vehicles using LEDs – warning them of potential hazards on the roads.  

On-board sensors are able to monitor tyre pressure and temperature, as well as general wear and tear. They also allow for remote monitoring of the tyres, making it easier to estimate when they’ll need replacing.   

Recycled rubber is used for the tread, and combined with an airless design, the tyre will be completely puncture-free.

This is all still at the concept stage, and these intelligent tyres won’t be appearing on cars anytime soon. However, the manufacturer is using the prototype to help propel discussions, and encourage solutions to a sustainable future for mobility.

Image Credit: CNET

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