Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 14th February 2019

The UK is renowned for having some of the greatest classic car museums in the world. One that’s worth visiting is the Grampian Transport Museum. Found in the village of Alford near Aberdeen, the museum has an interactive collection of motors. The museum houses vehicles from the 1800s up to the modern day, providing a lot of versatility. We’re looking into some of the exhibitions and what’s worth seeing.

The Grampian Transport Museum was founded by a group of local transport fans and collectors. The group had a meeting in 1978 and received an offer to lease a former goods yard north of the old Alford railway station. Several exhibitions on the site led to the development of the museum, which opened its doors in 1983.

What exhibitions are there?

Our Roads; Who Built Them And Why

This exhibition is new for 2018 and tells the story of how the Grampian roads came to be built. The journey begins from Roman times up to the modern day. Time periods visited along the way include the Jacobean era and the mail and stagecoach era. The exhibition is designed to give a respectful view into the lives of labours who made the roads what they are today.

It’s Electric!

This new exhibition focuses on the rise of the electric car. The exhibit delves into the past of EVs and looks towards the future. The story of the electric car began in 1839, with a man called Robert Davidson. Davidson’s history is included in the exhibit.

Guy Martin Collection

The Grampian Transport Museum is supported by Guy Martin, who has donated many vehicles to form a private collection. This ranges from cars to motorbikes, with highlights being the Volvo Vox ‘Amazon’ estate car and a Suzuki GSXR.

The Coaching Era

An exhibit that’s dedicated to stagecoaches. The exhibition will take the visitor through the entire history of stagecoaches and features postal service memorabilia and highwayman paraphernalia.

The Grampian Transport Museum is open seven days a week from 10 AM to 5 PM. For more information be sure to check out the official website.

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