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Published: 8th December 2017

Classic cars are often remembered for their beauty, but not all vehicles need to be as striking as the Jaguar E-Type or Lamborghini Miura. Sometimes, all they need is a crisp, simple design like the Skoda Favorit. First built in 1987, the Favorit was a type of supermini car created by Nuccio Bertone. The car is interesting because it originated from a time when Czechoslovakia was a country. This affected the time it took to get to market. We’re investigating what made the Favorit so appealing.


The Favorit was introduced as a replacement for the rear-engined Skoda 105/120 Estelle. This signified a move towards modern design techniques, as the Favorit had a Bertone-created hatchback body and front-wheel drive.

However, there were disputes between Bertone and the Czechoslovakian government about the brief. Initially, development had been approved in 1982, but the design wasn’t completed until 1987. During the dispute, a four-door saloon was created, though it wasn’t allowed to go into production.

The Favorit proved to be popular and was imported to various countries, including Colombia, Poland, Russia and the UK. It had a simplistic, angular body and came with a 1289 cc engine. The interior featured a functional dashboard, with big buttons and an unconventional layout.

Coming to the UK

In 1991, the Favorit Estate/Forman was released in the UK. The moniker came from the English word ‘waggoner.’ The Czech word was ‘forman’ for someone who transported goods by wagon. It’s a common misconception that the name is related to the Czech filmmaker Milos Forman.

After Volkswagen took over Skoda Auto in 1991, changes were made to the Favorit. The new version featured improved door hinges and a VW interior. Also, quality control improvements were made, along with other safety features being added.

Special versions were made, such as the ‘Black Line’ that sported a black paint job. It came with a pop-up sunroof, tinted windows, tachometer, digital clock and leather-wrapped steering wheel.

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