Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

Whether you’re after a refurbished panel for your MGB or a brand new gasket for your Triumph Stag, it can sometimes be tricky to find the right part for you and your classic. Attributed to discontinued models or the closing of manufacturer’s gates, the rare nature of certain parts has often stood in the way of progress over the years – but today, that’s no longer the case.

With thousands of enthusiasts sharing their projects, thoughts and opinions online, it didn’t take long before businesses caught on to the idea of specialising in second hand parts for classic motors. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best spots to pick up vintage car parts today – so the next time you’re stuck for a certain nut, bolt or washer, you’ll know exactly where to go!



With probably the widest selection of classic car parts available across a huge range of independent stores,eBay the first place to look when sourcing vintage car parts. From the nuts for a Lotus Esprit to the headlamps of a Ford Cortina, you’ll be amazed at just how niche eBay’s extensive collection is – so be sure to check out the ‘world’s online marketplace’ the next time you find yourself in desperate need of a certain piece of kit!



Taking place across the UK throughout the year, autojumbles provide a great opportunity for likeminded enthusiasts to get together to share their love for classic cars. But besides being a great place to chat about the next big rally or classic show, autojumbles also provide a wide range of stalls selling everything and anything related to vintage cars – meaning you can fill your boots with all the wiper blades or alloy wheels your heart desires and still have time for a quick chin wag in between.



Thanks to the rise in salvage auctions and the current boom in second hand parts sales, more and more specialist outlets are popping up each and every month. By stripping disused or damaged cars of all their functioning parts, specialist dealers are now making a decent living off the back of their sales – and with plenty of mechanics normally on site, you’ll be able to get some quality advice as well as bagging yourself the latest part for your project!



Where once scrapyards would be the first place you’d visit when hunting a new set of tyres for your E-Type Jag, today, they’re something of a last resort. However, just because the likes of eBay and specialist dealers have moved into the limelight, doesn’t necessarily mean that this last bastion of car parts should be ruled out completely! With less and less people rummaging through the heap, scrapyards have become something of a quiet retreat for bargain hunters – and with all the good stuff up for grabs, you never know what you might find tucked under a pile a cardboard or behind that broken fridge!