Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 5th February 2019

Lancia are responsible for developing some beautiful classic cars, ranging from the Integrale to the Stratos. Marque specialist Thornley Kelham decided to create their own take on the rare Lancia Aurelia. The Aurelia Outlaw is a modified version of a classic car that participated in the legendary rallies of the Mille Miglia and Mexico’s Carrera Panamericana.  

Only 3800 Aurelias were produced, making it a rare car. TK has restored a lot of them since setting up a decade ago. The Outlaw has been built around a 1957 series 6 machine and several more have been commissioned by US collectors, including former Indy 500 winner Danny Sullivan.

Over 1800 hours of work went into the bodywork, which has stayed faithful to the original design. Some of the greatest designers of all time worked on the Aurelia, such as Battista Farina. The chrome-plated body has been mixed with a nickel alloy and the doors and bumpers have been cut back for a more streamlined shape.

The Outlaw is powered by a 2.5-litre V6 from a Lancia Flaminia, replacing the original’s triple Weber carbs with fuel injection. The engine produces 175 bhp, plenty of power for a car that weighs over 1200 kg. Other updates include a de Dion rear axle and a more precise rack and pinion steering setup. The interior is beautiful and plush, featuring leather seats and drilled pedals.

The car is reputed to have a fast-paced yet comfortable driving experience. This is a good balance for a motor that once competed in heart-stopping rallies. TK has demonstrated its engineering genius by modifying a vehicle that is growing in demand. The company is on the same level as as Singer, who is responsible for reimagining Porsche 911s.