Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th October 2018

Electric cars are becoming more commonplace, while motorists are moving towards an environmentally sustainable future. A recent study carried out by Vantage Leasing showed that 55% of drivers plan to buy a ‘green’ car in the near future. The study centred on 2000 drivers who were in the market for a new vehicle and many said they would make the jump from diesel fuel.

42% said they were concerned about being taxed more for a diesel car, which resulted in over half of the participants saying they would consider an environmentally friendly option. More than 50% of the participants felt that diesel vehicles would become less popular in the next two years.

The study found that three in five drivers didn’t have any idea of how changes to the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) would affect them. Of the people who understood VED, 76% believed it would punish diesel car drivers by taxing them heavily in April 2019.

40% of the people making the switch said they were doing it because they wanted to drive a car that’s better for the environment. Four in five drivers considered themselves to be ‘eco-conscious,’ with 83% being concerned about the future of the environment. Tesla is the brand that is most associated with eco-friendly driving. The second is Toyota and the third is Nissan.

A spokesperson for Vantage Leasing said “whether drivers are making a concerted effort to be greener, or because they want to avoid the rising taxation on diesel vehicles, it looks like a shift to eco fuels is coming. And while many drivers seem unaware of the changes coming to the Vehicle Excise Duty, it seems to be doing its job in dissuading the purchase of new diesel vehicles.”

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