Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 22nd May 2014

1 AC Aceca

These beautiful sports cars don’t have a bad angle, in my eyes. Ever since owning a scruffy Dinky Toys version as a child – I still have it – I have promised myself one. The trouble is that prices have gone stratospheric and I know that I wouldn’t be able to persuade my wife to re-mortgage the house.

2 Riley Merlin

A car that is simply a lovely place to be, the Merlin offers no stunning performance figures, just compact elegance. A splendid car in which to do a leisurely driving tour and a pleasure to hose down at the end of a day.

3 Aston Martin DB2/4

?I have to admit that I do like a GT, and a fairly scruffy but sound example of this type would suit me down to the ground. A few years ago I nearly purchased one, but hesitated at the last moment. Now they’re twice the price and nudging ever higher.

4 Land Rover Series I 80″

?Having owned this fine country car from the tender age of 18 until I was 30, only to sell it on a whim, this is the vehicle from my past that I would most like to be reunited with. If ever you see it advertised for sale, please let me know.

5 Austin Seven Special

?I’m not particularly bothered which one, so long as it looks the part and is prepared to bowl along country lanes with me at the helm. Actually, I have an unfinished example sitting in my garage. Note to self – get on with it!

6 Jaguar MkIV or V

?To me, these are the ideal car in which to take an extended driving holiday far up into Scotland, or perhaps in the opposite direction, to deepest Cornwall – I’m a Midlander, so both are exotically distant. Leather, wood and pre-XK engine elegance in which to transport the family.

7 Alvis Speed 100

?These low-slung road prowlers must have looked amazing to the eyes of 1930s motorists. Massive P100 headlights up front, a hard-wearing leather interior and a wonderfully satisfying, involving drive. I’d have to use this at least once a week for the commute to work.

8 Jensen 541R

Ah, this is another model I have to admit to possessing in a part-restored state. I’ve owned it for three years now, so really it should have been completed by now, but life has been so busy of late. Yet another grand tourer, I can’t wait to get it on the road and do a significant amount of miles in this Black Country beauty.

9 Ogle SX250

There were only ever two of these built, on Daimler SP250 ‘Dart’ chassis, so my chances of owning one are fairly slim. But, dare I say it, I’d be happy to slip one of Edward Turner’s sublime 2548cc V8 engines into a Reliant Scimitar SE4 to emulate one of these rare cars.

10 Morris J-Type Van

?OK, it’s not a car, strictly speaking, but what better way of fetching and carrying parts on a daily basis for my classic restoration business? They’re undoubtedly slow by modern standards, but the pace of today’s city traffic is equally slow and besides, my job satisfaction would go through the roof.