Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

What’s your favourite Lamborghini? For every person you ask, you can almost guarantee a different answer. While some plant their flag firmly in the Diablo camp, team Countach grows just a little bigger each and every year. For us, our favourites are the models that defined the manufacturer – those that are brave, stylish and pioneering. Which may explain why there’s not a Silhouette in sight within our definitive top five!

5. 350 GT

Improving on Ferruccio Lamborghini’s first creation, the 350 GTV, in 1964 Lamborghini revealed the 350 GT. As the first car to be mass produced by the company, the 350 GT signified the start of the Lamborghini story. Combining all the style of a two-seater with the power of a V12, this was the car that set the tone for everything that followed.

4. Miura

When it comes to style, nobody does it quite like Lamborghini. Epitomising this and much more, the Miura, launched in 1966, was the first time fans of Lamborghini saw this for themselves. Stunning in every sense of the word, the Miura was arguably the first ever supercar – and the machine that Ferrari, Ford and Porsche would all strive to beat in the years that followed.

3. Countach

Hopelessly impractical, uneconomical and sporting windows that would only open a couple of inches, you’re probably wondering why we’ve included the Countach in our top five at all. However, as soon as you lay eyes on this particular motor, you’ll soon see why. Looks wise, the Countach was a real showstopper, while its V12 ensured it stayed well ahead of the rest.

2. Diablo

With a top speed of over 200mph and an engine capable of almost 500bhp, the Diablo was one of the fastest, not to mention most sought-after, cars in the world when it launched in the early 90s. Complete with its signature V12 and the same scissor doors that adorned the Countach, the Diablo was arguably the car that placed the Lamborghini moniker in supercar history forever.

1. Murcielago

Venturing beyond the realms of the supercar and into that of the hyper-car, the Murcielago is almost guaranteed the status of a future classic. Boasting a 6.5l engine capable of 640bhp, the Murcielago is big, brash and very, very Lamborghini. Number one on our list, this is a car like no other, and that’s exactly why we love it!

Picking our top five Lamborghinis wasn’t an easy task – and yet we’ve given it a jolly good go! But if you think there’s one we’ve missed or downright disagree with our picks, why not get in touch via social media and let us know what makes your list of the best Lamborghinis ever made!