Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 11th May 2018

Our unusual vehicles series showcases cars that go against the norm, from crackpot concepts to convention defying models. Our latest entry is the Honda Fuya-Jo, which resembles a curious cross between a shopping trolley and an armoured car.

Designed For Party People

Japan has historically produced some wonderful concept cars, and frequently takes risks when creating these unusual vehicles, often to try and take advantage of more niche markets. The biennial Tokyo Motor Show has long been famed for featuring some weird and wacky offerings.

The Honda Fuya-Jo, which was originally shown at the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show, was one such example of a risky concept. It’s name actually means “Sleepless City” and the car was designed to appeal to the clubbing youth market. With the idea being that people out partying could continue to enjoy the full nightlife excitement, whilst being transported to their next destination.

Offering a unique experience

Yes, the car seems like some sort of toaster on wheels and looks as though it could be part of an oversized Lego set – but the design was tailored to allow occupants the ability to stand up straight and dance their way to the next venue.

The whole interior of the quirky car is meant to feel like the inside of a nightclub, with everything adhering to a distinct dance club theme. The dashboard almost resembles a DJ’s mixing desk, with the steering wheel shaped like a turntable.

It’s sci-fi like box exterior was a result of the flat floor design, which allowed the occupants to feel as though they were riding on skateboards or roller blades.

Although it was powered by an eco-friendly hybrid drivetrain and undoubtedly eye-catching, the concept car, like many other unusual vehicle designs, just simply wasn’t practical enough to put into production.

Image Credit: OldConceptCars

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