Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 17th October 2019

The iconic Italian luxury car manufacturer, Alfa Romeo, never fails to generate excitement and passion with its car creations. One of the most spectacular examples of the Italian marques’ prowess, is perhaps one of the most stunning sports cars ever created – the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale.

This legendary classic car was originally launched in 1967 at the Turin Motor Show, and brought the manufacturer’s impressive racing technology onto the open road. Those attending the event were no doubt blown away by the car’s unmistakable beauty. Even today most classic enthusiasts, owners and collectors would all agree that it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars in the world. 

It’s looks are of course entirely subjective, but the unique sleek, slender yet powerful design simply can’t be overlooked. From it’s flame spitting injectors, fitted high on the tall velocity stacks, to the car’s lightweight aluminium body draped over a tubular chassis; there’s no denying the pure theatricality of the supercar classic. 

Designed by the renowned Franco Scaglione, the Stradale was built as a racing car prototype that would be transformed into a supercar for the road. However, very few concessions were afforded in the name of practicality. The car retained its lock-less steering rack and the fierce 2ltr race V8 was barely detuned, producing 227bhp. Even the side mirrors were left off in favour of a streamlined design. It was also the manufacturers first V8, and could achieve a top speed of around 156mph and go from 0 to 60 in around 6 seconds.

The classic was the first car to use the butterfly door design, which hinged upward and outward. A striking feature certainly, and one that would be replicated years later by the likes of the McLaren F1. When production finally ended, only 18 models had been built and 5 of those would later become concept cars. This is why the supercar is now one of the rarest classics around, with models costing in excess of £10,000,000. 

It’s exorbitant value is not what makes this classic car so special though, the rarity combined with Scaglione’s design perfection is what makes the Stradale so special. It’s eye-catching curves and low wedge profile stands out anywhere for those few lucky enough to see one in person.