Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th October 2017

Going on a road trip is a great way to clear your head, especially if you’re driving in a classic car. Travelling through Europe can be a once-in-a-lifetime event, so why not drive through a sunny area? A journey from Portugal to Morocco is filled with glorious sights, ranging from the gothic city of Braga, to the coastal village of Carrapateira. By the time you take the ferry to Morocco and park your car in Merzouga, you’ll be well and truly satisfied.


Start your journey off in the religious city of Braga, a place that’s referred to as the ‘Portuguese Rome.’ The city has something for everyone, whether you want to visit a museum, or admire beautiful architecture. A great place to visit is the Dom Diogo de Sousa Archeology museum, which contains an offering of Paleolithic and Roman history.  Wander around the old town and you’ll see plenty of eye-catching cathedrals, like the Se Cathedral.


Named after the Portuguese word for love, it’s safe to say Amarante is a romantic kind of town. One of its most famous features is the Ponte de Sao Goncalo bridge, where locals fended off a French attack in the early 19th century. There’s also the scenic Parque Florestal, which features hundreds of exotic trees like ginkgos. It’s definitely a place you can relax in.


Stopping off in the capital of Portugal is a must. Lisbon is a melting pot of culture, featuring castles, museums, art galleries and churches. Some of the most famous museums include the National Museum of Ancient Art and National Museum of Costume and Fashion. If you’re interested in seeing a show, then Lisbon’s Opera House will give you your musical fix.


When you reach the coast, you should spend some time in the village of Sagres. This end-of-the-world location gives you a stunning view of the ocean. There are a variety of lively cafes and bars you can sit in and admire the view. Dolphins and whales are regularly sighted off the cost, so Sagres will appeal to animal lovers as well.


Before you get on a ferry to Morocco, spend some time soaking up the sun in Carrapateira. It’s a popular surfing location and the scenery is some of the most breathtaking in the world. Once you’ve absorbed everything Portugal has to offer, you can park your car on the ferry and head over to Morocco.