Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

Which car would you choose to restore?

Cherished’s director explains why he plumped for a humble car…The choice of Pete McIlvenny for a restoration project may surprise some people. After playing about on an online auction site, the director of Cherished Cars at Carole Nash, opted for the relatively humble MG Midget. Why?

Pete’s dad spent decades working at Austin and Pete is the boss of one of the UK’s leading classic car insurance specialists so, when it comes to timeless motors, he really knows what he is doing.

Armed with that family and professional history he had all the necessary info to make an informed choice on a restoration project.

OK, not many are likely to plump for the Allegro, oft touted as the model which best symbolised the state of British motor manufacturing in the 70s. But with a nod to pop’s trade one might go for a Healey or, of course, a Mini.

“I always loved my classics and ran a succession of Minis interspersed with Ford Capris, MkI Granadas and the like,” explains Pete. “I still loved my Minis but I’d got to the point where I just wanted something else. Because of my job and my own enthusiasm I’d spend a lot of time talking to people at shows about all these different classics started to feel that I was missing out.”