Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

Mark Evans has had a rather interesting career trajectory. An amateur engineer in his youth, Mark’s professional life as a vet ultimately landed him on TV presenting Pet Rescue. In the years that followed, Mark returned to his early love of building things with the “Is Born” series.

Despite building a plane, helicopter, and a handful of bikes and cars, the series’ most challenging project was surely the “An MG Is Born”, in which Mark and his team undertook a complete restoration of a classic MGB Roadster. The series is available on DVD, but it still doesn’t quite tell the full story of the amazing project.

Thanks to the Roadster’s enduring iconic status as a legendary British machine, there is still plenty of interest in the extraordinary rebuild. We asked Mark to recall his time spent bringing the MG to life, and he more than delivered – every moment spent working on such a classic car has obviously stuck with him.

Over the next ten weeks, we’ll be bringing you a series of articles by Mark himself, focusing on every single aspect of the MGB’s restoration. Peering as far beneath the bonnet as humanly possible, Mark recounts the project, with plenty of great restoration tips for any classic car enthusiast.

This week, Mark introduces us to his team, explains how they decided on the MGB, and offers some tips for anyone looking to choose a restoration car of their own. There’s also some workshop-appropriate cake recipes – just for good measure!