Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 19th September 2017

Catching up with Mark and Les, the team this week find themselves working on the rusted monocoque (that’s shell, to you and me) of the weary looking MG. From door sills through to speaker holes in the car’s rear bulkhead, the team waste no time in donning their spanners and rolling up their sleeves before walking us through week two of the awesome ‘An MG Is Born’ series.

Ensuring no stone is left unturned in this week’s journey through the tricky world of metalwork, Mark is quick to highlight the importance of a solid monocoque. “A rusty body shell is a weaker body shell” states Evans, “ and, depending on how rotten it is, it could be a serious accident waiting to happen.” With this in mind, the monocoque seems like a great place to start!

So let’s waste no more time and jump straight to it – simply click the link below and discover how Mark and Les got on in this week’s blog!