Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 2nd May 2019

It’s pretty common for high-end cars to make cameos in music videos but what’s pretty unheard of is the car actually making up the music itself. But that’s what a German hip-hop producer has managed to achieve. If you’re incredibly confused then fear not, because all will become clear in a second.

Basically, Porsche has collaborated with hip-hop producer Duan Wasi, both originating from Stuttgart, to make a record from the sounds of Porsche at its museum.

But it hasn’t been made from just any Porsche. The music has come specifically from Porsche 911 (996) GT3 RSR cars used at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The piece of work is named ‘Loop Routines’ and there’s even a music video that’s been made to go along with one of the tracks, ‘Le Mans.’ The video showcases elements of Porsche’s past at Le Mans, where it has won the 24 hour race 19 times.

500 vinyl records have already been printed and gone on sale and the full track listing looks like this:

A1. Aerodynamics

A2. Sunday

A3. Lemon Silk

A4. Vectorcuts

A5. Terms Off

B1. We Contain

B2. Slide Ways

B3. Targa

B4. Gin Some

B5. Le Mans

Was this 2018’s oddest musical collaboration? Quite possibly. But we love it anyway.