Carole Nash
Content Writer
Published: 20th November 2017

Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina is responsible for designing some of the most influential classic cars of the 20th century. In the modern day, Pininfarina is owned by India’s Mahindra. But the company has a lot of history, and we’re looking into six of the best cars that Pininfarina have produced.


1947 Cisitalia 202

Some consider this car to be Farina’s masterpiece and it was certainly a beautiful vehicle. After he was given the chassis by Pietro Dusio, Farina set to work. He created an aerodynamic motor that was great to look at and handled well on the road. The design was revolutionary and changed the way cars were made. Originally, designers had seen each part of a car as being separate. The Cisitalia had a continuous, flowing surface without any sharp edges. The car won various awards and has been named one of the ten greatest automotive designs of all time.

 alfa romeo guiletta spider

1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Farina had a hand in designing the 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. It became Pininfarina’s first mass produced vehicle, with US distributor Max Hoffman saying he could sell as many cars as the company could make. In the first year of production Pininfarina created 1025 units. The Giulietta had a sleek, sporty look that appealed to a younger audience.

Fiat 130

1969 Fiat 130

The Fiat 130 was designed by Pininfarina chief stylist Paolo Martin. It was launched at the 1969 Geneva Motor Show. It had a modern design, with four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes. It also had a unique interior which featured a button-operated mechanism that allowed the driver to open the passenger-side door.

 1958 Austin A40 Farina

1958 Austin A40 Farina

Pininfarina are best known for working with continental brands, but they’ve branched out into the UK as well. In 1958, the company designed the Austin A40 Farina, which became known as a hatchback. Due to the angular roof, there was more headroom for passengers sitting in the back. Farina and his son were present at the launch and the the car was considered exotic for the time period.


1975 Ferrari 308 GTB

1975 Ferrari 308 GTB

The 1975 Ferrari 308 GTB is one of the most beautiful classic cars of all time. It was introduced at the Paris Motor Show and captivated the audience immediately. It came with a fibreglass body and five-spoke 14-inch alloy wheels. In 1977, the body was changed to steel.

 1968 Peugeot 504

1968 Peugeot 504

Designed by Aldo Brovarone, the Peugeot 504 was an impressive vehicle. The four-door saloon came with a 1796 cc four-cylinder petrol engine and sunroof. The elegant appearance was typical of many Pininfarina designs.