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How to make sure you get the right price and cover for your motorcycle insurance

It’s always nice to have a bit of extra cash in your pocket. The less you’re spending on your motorbike insurance, the more you can spend on your bike!

Here are some tips to help steer you in the right direction:

No Claims Discount

Your No Claims Discount can vastly reduce your premium. You may only use your bike during the summer months but by keeping it insured all year round you are building up your No claims discount and have the peace of mind that it is covered when you’re not using it.

Advance rider training

If you want to take things to the next level, why not consider taking an approved motorcycle training course? It’ll boost your skills and knowledge plus it will give a discount of up to 10% with some insurers. Give us a call for more information.

Club membership

If you own a vintage or classic bike and are a member of an approved motorcycle club be sure to tell us as this could help you save some money on your insurance premium.


Improving the security on your bike such as adding an alarm or an approved chain is a great deterrent and may even give you a discount on your insurance. Parking it somewhere safe, like a garage, shed or driveway, is another good way of reducing your insurance and it makes it harder for potential thieves to steal your motorcycle.

As an added level of protection, every Carole Nash policy comes with DNA+, our forensic protection system that’s proven to help protect your pride and joy! Click here to find out more.

Voluntary Excess and Compulsory Excess

There are two types of excess – compulsory and voluntary. Everyone has to pay compulsory excess when they make a claim (unless you have third party only cover), but if you want to reduce your premium it could help if you choose to pay a voluntary excess as well. You need to weigh up the options that suit your circumstances. Pay a higher excess and you may get a cheaper premium, but risk paying more if you need to claim.


Go through your old MOT certificates to see how many miles you have been doing each year.  This will give you a realistic idea of how many miles you cover on your motorcycle and may even save you a few pounds on your insurance too.

Accidents and claims

Always remember to disclose any accidents or claims irrespective of blame or whether a claim was made on any vehicle (not just on your motorcycle) in the last 5 years.

Insurers share claims data so it is vital that you tell us about any motor claims or losses.


You must always disclose any motoring or non-motoring convictions.

Please always take care to ensure all questions we ask are answered accurately and to the best of your knowledge. If you fail to do so your insurance cover may not protect you in the event of a claim resulting in the insurance being void, leaving you without insurance cover. (It is really important that you do give us the correct information, so that we can provide you with the correct cover and the right price first time)

Get more for your money with multi-bike insurance

If you own more than one bike you could benefit from a Carole Nash multi-bike policy. Not only does it reduce the hassle and paperwork associated with insuring your different bikes - it could save you up to £249, when compared to individual policies taken out over the phone. This allows you to insure more than one bike under one policy.

The added benefits of Carole Nash motorcycle insurance

Remember, all Carole Nash motorbike insurance policies come with the following benefits as standard.

  • Legal Expenses cover of up to £100,000 in the event of an accident which is not your fault
  • European Cover up to 90 days
  • Our Rider Cover is an addition to your policy that allows you to ride your mate’s bike, for social, domestic and pleasure use, with total peace of mind - as we’ve got it covered! As long as you have the owner’s permission and both bikes have comprehensive cover, you can ride any bike,  which gives you FREE accidental damage cover when riding that bike, this is subject to meeting the under writing criteria.
  • Unlimited accessory cover 

So what are you waiting for! You could start saving money now like some of our happy customers and get out on your bike!...

“Great service. Fast and cheap with many extras over other companies. Very happy customer.

Crewe, July 2016

“Great a great deal for your money.”

Ramsgate, August  2016


Check out our benefits video here and see for yourself how you get more for your money with a Carole Nash bike insurance policy…




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