What are advanced rider qualifications?

Advanced rider qualifications are extra qualifications that riders can get who already have a full motorcycle licence. They are a way for riders to improve their skills, beyond what is required to pass their bike test. A lot of riders won’t have had any training since they passed their test, and if they passed before 1997 they might have never received any instruction on riding a bike bigger than 125cc. So advanced rider qualifications are a great way for bikers to refresh their training.

There are different schemes available, and they are all slightly different but all end with a riding assessment to judge whether you meet the standard required for the qualification. For most advanced rider qualifications, you hold the certificate for a set number of years. However, the Government Enhanced Rider Scheme has no expiry.


How do I get an advanced rider qualification?

Getting qualified for advanced motorcycle training is actually quite straightforward.

You must first have a full motorcycle licence, as well as your own bike and riding kit. Then you need to choose an organisation and course that suits you best.

The usual format is a course, involving some observed training rides with a professional bike trainer, followed by an assessed ride.

However, for those opting for the DVSA Certificate of Competence (Enhanced Rider Scheme), which begins with an assessed ride, followed by a course tailored to you. This scheme does not include a test.

The cost of obtaining an advanced rider qualification can vary significantly depending on the course chosen and the amount of training required. Costs start from around £150 and go up to around £400.


What are the advantages of advanced rider qualifications?

There are a range of benefits associated with advanced rider qualifications. They are a great way to improve your riding, working much like a refresher course, and can help riders avoid potentially dangerous situations. Additionally, if you’ve had a break from riding for a while and want to increase your confidence before you get back on the road, advanced rider qualifications are a great way to do that.

For new riders, advanced rider qualifications are an ideal way to increase your experience before you start riding and meet local riders.

But advanced rider qualifications could also save you some money. The majority of motorcycle insurance companies recognise the main four assessments, and will give you a discount of up to around 10% on your cover. However, you need to double check with your motorbike insurance provider before you undertake any kind of advanced rider qualifications.