From helping you spend less time travelling to work each day to giving you a much needed adrenaline rush, the benefits of commuting to work by motorbike are varied.

With so many perks, it’s unsurprising that studies suggest motorcyclists tend to be happier than those who drive or use public transport every day.

If you decide that commuting by motorbike is for you, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration when purchasing your motorbike insurance.


Do I need to tell my insurer if i ride to work every day?

If you’re using your motorbike daily to commute to and from work, it’s essential that you tell your insurer.

This is vital information for insurers as they’ll use these details to determine how much risk there is of an accident and assess how much your insurance costs should be.

Giving your insurer the wrong information or failing to notify them of changes to your usage could make your policy void and your claim could be repudiated?


Is commuter motorbike insurance different to regular motorbike insurance?

Technically, commuter motorbike insurance isn’t different from traditional types of motorbike insurance. However, if you commute to work on your motorbike, it’s crucial that you get a policy that reflects this.

Rather than purchasing a policy called ‘commuter motorbike insurance’, you’ll purchase an insurance policy that reflects the fact you use your bike for commuting. The frequency in which you ride your bike will be taken into account by the insurer and this will be echoed in the price you pay.


How do insurers break down the classes of motorcycle use?

Each insurer will have their own way of breaking down motorcycle usage into separate classes. Generally though, they’ll consider whether the bike is used socially, to commute, for business, delivery, or events and competitions.

Insurers will take your job into account when determining how much you’ll pay for your insurance, even if you just use your motorbike to commute, rather than as part of your job role. These calculations are made by your insurer based on years’ worth of research and data.

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