As well as social and domestic use, many people use their motorbike for work purposes too, mainly because of the benefits this can bring. They are generally cheaper to run than a car and can often beat out other modes of transport by getting you to your destination quicker, whilst navigating the busy morning traffic. Whether you use your motorbike to simply commute to your place of work everyday, of it’s in integral part of your working life, it’s vital that you find the right level of motorbike insurance cover for your needs. With Carole Nash, getting motorbike insurance cover couldn’t be easier, simply give us a call today on 0800 804 7952.
We want to walk you through how insuring your bike for work use actually works…


Be Clear On How You Use Your Bike

Firstly, it’s very important that you let your insurers know exactly how you use your bike and whether you require motorbike insurance for personal use, commuting, business use, or any any delivery and courier cover.

Any wrong information or information that’s not disclosed, could void your entire motorbike insurance policy when it comes to making a claim leaving you without insurance cover.


The Bike Use Categories

It’s essential that you know and understand the different categories when it comes to classifying how you use your bike for motorbike insurance purposes:

  • Social & domestic – meaning you use your motorbike for social use only and not for any commuting or work purposes. For example, going for a ride with friends, or going to the shops.
  • Commuting – as well as using your bike for social and domestic reasons, you may also use it to regularly travel to one permanent place of work.
  • Business use – for when you travel to more than one place of work, such as a training course, bank, or other work-related destination. You must tell your insurer even if it’s just a one-off journey, otherwise you’re as risk of invalidating your policy. Whenever your work situation changes and you need to use your bike to travel more, then let your insurer know straight away.
  • Courier/delivery use – when you use your bike to deliver or pick up goods.


If you use your bike for any other purpose, please always make sure you disclose this in advance.


Your Occupation Can Affect Your Motorbike Insurance

Even if you only use your bike to travel to a single place of work, your actual job can still affect the  calculated risk insurers place on your insurance policy and therefore potentially change your premium. Again this is why you always need to be clear to insurers exactly how you use your bike.


Security For Work Use

When insuring your motorbike for work use, make sure to think about security as well. If you regularly travel to more than one place of work then using security devices, such as an alarm, immobiliser, or tracker should be a must when leaving your two-wheeler unattended.

Plus, if you often park your bike at a single place of work, you could always try and request access to a secure car park, or garage.


What If I Carry A Pillion Passenger?

If you carry a pillion passenger, meaning somebody who rides behind you on the motorbike as a passenger, you will need to make sure this is included or added to your motorbike insurance policy.


Getting Motorbike Insurance Cover For Work Use

At Carole Nash, we provide a range of motorbike insurance policies that are designed to give you peace of mind.

When getting your quote, we’ll ask you to indicate what you use your bike for, whether it’s social use only, social and commuting, business use, or delivery and courier use. Then after gathering all the other relevant information we need, we’ll search through our panel of top UK motorcycle insurance underwriters to find the policy and cover that’s right for you.