If you’re a motorcyclist who craves flexibility and the freedom to ride more than one bike, it’s essential that you look for a bike insurance policy that will have you covered no matter which bike you’re on.

While some policies will only cover the policyholder when riding their own bike alone, there are other types of cover and other insurance providers who offer a little more leeway.

Read on to find out how you can ride more than one bike without falling foul of the law.


Rider Cover

As any biker knows, sometimes you need to use someone else’s motorcycle. Maybe you want to borrow a friend’s bike for a quick ride out, or simply enjoy a ride on something different. Whatever the reason, we at Carole Nash don’t want insurance worries to hold you back.

Which is why we’ve devised Rider Cover®, a FREE addition to your policy that allows you to ride your mate’s bike with total peace of mind – as we’ve got it covered!

As long as you have the owner’s permission, you can ride any bike. In addition to Rider Cover® which gives you FREE accidental damage cover when riding other bikes.

Whether you’ll be riding a Modern Bike, Classic Bike, Cruiser or Tourer, Rider Cover®** is included with new Motorcycle policies arranged through Carole Nash


Multi-bike insurance

Multi-bike insurance is another option that could prove particularly cost effective.

This type of cover will allow you to insure more than one bike under the same policy. Most insurers will automatically let you cover multiple bikes at a time and some will let you add additional bikes at an extra cost.

Insurers will take into consideration all your details before quoting you a price on your multi-bike policy.

In addition to saving you money, a multi-bike policy can also be more straightforward than purchasing a different policy for each vehicle. You won’t have to make a note of multiple renewal dates or keep several sets of paperwork in order.

No matter which type of motorbike insurance cover you choose, it’s crucial that you read the terms of your agreement to ensure you understand in which circumstances you’re covered.